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Google Cardboard Notes

So, I basically recommend that everyone in my life buy a $12-15 Google Cardboard. Today. It’s an utterly inexpensive, really great way to start experiencing good virtual reality. Below are some recommendations that I’m putting together. I’ll keep adding to them, but they should be enough to get you started for now.


Here’s a super short explanation of what Cardboard is. If you want a longer one, there’s a ton of videos on YouTube that’ll help explain. But really, skip those, just buy one, and load up some apps and experience it yourself. You won’t regret it.

Will it work on any smartphone?

Yes. Cardboard now works on both Android and Apple phones. It might not work well on much older smartphones though (3-4+ years old.).

Which one should I get?

When You’re Starting Out…

Like Android phones, there’s dozens of choices - most are solid but plenty are cheap knock offs. Here’s my buying advice:

But Then…

I’ve now tried out 7 different cardboards and 3 have stuck out to me, so I’ve given the rest away as gifts and use these:

Okay, I’ve got one. Now what apps should I try?

There’s a ton to try but here’s some highlights to get you started. Remember, it’s that any app is the best thing since sliced bread, but rather the innovation and newness of the experience.

For Android phones

For iPhones

Android had a head start so they have more apps but there’s plenty to see using an iPhone and more arriving daily.